The Ripple Effect

Creating infinite momentum and spreading influence with positive impact

Your sponsorship will support small business owners across America who have persevered through hardships and are now making a positive impact in their communities. The event will embody the resilient entrepreneurial spirit that drives so many Americans while bringing together local business owners to learn, network, and collaborate.

At each of the 7 US Cities, we will host a LIVE 2-day event, consisting of motivational keynote speakers, workshops, energetic entertainment, practical resources, and powerful networking opportunities. We are also teaming up with nonprofit organizations in each city to generate awareness and help raise funds to grow their mission and impact.

Have you ever tossed a pebble into a lake and watched the ripples spread?

Partnering with us is like that pebble. Start small by making a difference in your community, and watch the ripples spread out to create positive change in an ever-growing circle!

What We Need & What You Get

This is a unique experience designed to motivate, support, celebrate, and connect entrepreneurs, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and communities through live events and document the shared experiences on several social media platforms.

Your investment helps cover the costs of venues, travel, accommodations, production expenses, and much more. Several opportunities are available for sponsor recognition on many levels; just ask how your business can be tagged as a major partner in this amazing mission.

Any funds collected over and above our expenses will be donated back to the charities that have partnered with us for this project.

Every pebble counts...

Our monetary goal is to raise $300,000, which is all the funds necessary to bring the Ripple Effect to seven US cities throughout the month of July 2021.

Will you help us get closer to our goal today?


You can feel confident to dig down deep and donate BIG as Ripple Effect is ongoing. As we support the local communities, they will feel empowered to keep the momentum going.

In a time when many businesses and non-profit organizations are struggling to keep the doors open, we are providing encouragement and practical solutions.

Millions of business owners have had to make difficult decisions in the last year, and it is certain that you know someone who closed their doors, lost their job or perhaps continuing to struggle. We stand with them and want to help them rise above the circumstances.

Risks & Challenges

Our award-winning host of Dunham Business Radio knows and understands the challenges that small business owners and entrepreneurs face every day. Through over 150 interviews on the show, people have shared their stories of the entrepreneurial journey - the successes, challenges, and wisdom nuggets. Now, that inspiration can be shared LIVE! The word is spreading every day about this amazing tour. New contributors and supporters are raising their hands to offer their stories of perseverance.

YOU can be part of the excitement. The greatest risk is NOT being involved during this historical movement.

Other Ways You Can Help

What's in your hand? A pebble can take many forms? Toss it in and watch it makes waves! Some people can't contribute financially,

but YOU can still help in major ways:

  • Make some noise about The Ripple Effect.
  • Promote the project frequently to your email lists, on all your social media platforms, and through word of mouth to donate, promote and participate.
  • Help us sell General Admission Tickets to the LIVE events - a portion of all tickets sold will be donated to our partnered non-profit organizations.
  • Encourage business owners that you know to get involved as a Premium Sponsor.
  • Raise awareness for the partnered non-profit organizations so that they can keep doing what they do best.
  • Volunteer at one or many of the LIVE events near you.

There are many rewards in being involved in this unique experience, some financial through new prospective customers, some intellectual through the incredible training at the Live events, some inspirational through the stories that share a common thread, and some rewards yet to be defined. Let's join together and make this project one that future generations will acknowledge for years to come.

Thank you for all your support!

For questions about The Ripple Effect, please contact Lori Dunham, CEO/Founder of Dunham Global Ventures, Inc. and Host of the Dunham Business Radio Show / 817-333-8016